Most books in the true crime genre are authored by writers whose observations came from the side of the yellow tape where the words, “Do Not Cross” prevented their access to the  crime scene. My book, When the Smoke Cleared, is different because I was the senior supervisor of a team of detectives who investigated a horrific murder case and eventually brought justice for the victim and her family.

I literally got my feet wet in the investigation when I stood on a carpet soaked in blood and water in the function room of a condo complex in Malden Massachusetts. What first appeared to be an arson fire quickly exhibited all the signs of a brutal murder By days end we developed a “person of interest”, but had no motive, eyewitnesses, weapon or body. Not the best way to begin a case, but a great challenge to all of us and one we accepted and worked on as a unified team.

Written from my first-hand perspective and in my voice, When the Smoke Cleared will appeal to all followers of the true crime genre. It is a classic police and courtroom procedural offered in minute detail. The book belongs on the Recommended Reading List or course syllabi of any criminal justice or law school class about criminal procedure. Additionally, it is perfect for college students who plan to work in one of the many disciplines related to the forensic sciences.