There is much over-the-top talk about the need for police reform, without a real understanding of the issues. Historically, there is no profession that evolves and changes with the times as rapidly as policing. When laws change or government leadership redefines the role of their police department, or when courts make rulings that change or alter criminal investigative procedures, the transformation and “re-tooling” is immediate. Training to the change is instant and direct, and conducted in a manner that conforms with the altered or new directives.
In our current environment, police departments and their officers find themselves constantly on the defense and, in a position where the onus is on THEM to regain and improve relationships with their communities. It is a question of professional survival and no easy task. It is often a one-sided narrative shaped by elected politicians, special interest groups and sections of the media. If policing is to survive and rebuild trust and acceptance, it has to re-engage with the community. But for that to happen, everyone has to have a voice and more importantly has to willingly engage in dialogue, sincerely listen to all that is being said by all parties, adapting and adjusting when and where necessary.
This episode will start the conversation. Your input will power it.