Our conversation with Terry Cunningham continues with a discussion about the political motivation and movement to “defund the police”. He explains that with crime now at an all-time high, most of the defund arguments and proposals have had disastrous results with high homicide rates and the physical and financial destruction of many cities. In their place, new anti-police schemes have risen. “Demoralize the police” is their newest campaign, delivering mistruths on both social and mainstream media outlets. The consequences are not only affecting recruitment and retention, but the overall mental wellness of police officers and their families.
Regarding the need or desire for greater diversity in policing, we talk about the difficulties in recruiting potential candidates in communities where the residents have been led to believe that the police are their enemy.
Cunningham speaks to the problems that result when a community lowers basic entry level requirements as a recruitment tool.
We discuss the philosophy of community policing and the need for all stakeholders to come together and work as one to not only solve crime issues, but to create safer environments for all.