This is the first of what promises to be an epic series of podcasts designed to engage, enlighten, and educate listeners to the world of law enforcement and beyond. Our focus will be multi-dimensional and will cover current issues involving the criminal justice system as a whole, with an emphasis on  criminal and courtroom procedures, as well as the forensic sciences. On the lighter side, we will speak with authors of both fiction and non-fiction mysteries based on their experiences in the criminal justice arena.
These episodes will not be one-minute soundbites from news readers, or factually deficient dialogue generated by special interest groups with an anti-government, anti-police agenda. Rather, they will be in-depth explorations from the knowledge base and perspective of experienced professionals who represent many sides of an argument.
I have learned that it is easy to express an opinion when you don’t know what you are talking about or choose to ignore factual truths. Our podcasts will feature enlightened discussions that provoke thought. What you hear may not change your opinions, but you are guaranteed to have a deeper, more inclusive understanding of the issue. Truth matters, now and forever.