Growing technological and scientific improvements and their application and benefit in criminal investigations has been extraordinary and at times mind-boggling. But, with the changes come legal, evidentiary challenges to the technology, the science behind it and the expertise of the scientists who test and evaluate the results. Court decisions are definitive and swift and can often change the course of an investigation and prosecution the moment the decision is released.

Listen in to this conversation with Jordan, Bill and their guest, Jimmy Connolly, as they discuss the history of change from when they started out as detectives in the late 70’s and 80’s through today. Jimmy refers to it as transitioning from the days of the “leather footprint” to today’s digital imprint.” They address the importance and acceptance of DNA as evidence, but also speak about how DNA results have shed light on eyewitness identifications, resulting in major changes in police procedures to insure fairness and accuracy in witness identifications. They also discuss the introduction of audio-video taped statements in interrogations and how what initially appeared to be a negative has turned out to be very positive for the police and prosecutors. Similarly, they speak to the advantages of body and dash-cams as tools that often remove doubts with judges and juries about the events that police relied on to bring criminal charges.
Bill and Jimmy rose in rank but stayed in their assignments in the detective unit. They discuss the transition from playing a subordinate role in a case to assuming the position of leader and decision-maker. As always, it is about what is best for the team and not necessarily the individual.