This episode concludes the discussion about the mass murder in Wakefield MA. on December 26, 2001. Previously, Jordan and Bill led listeners through an exhaustive examination of the investigative process and the legal challenges that led up to the trial of Commonwealth vs. Michael “Mucko” McDermott.
Today they focus on the trial in general and distinguish the differences in trial methods and process when a defendant offers a defense of Insanity. Listen as Bill describes the jury selection, the in-person viewing of three relevant locations and the prosecution’s trial testimony. Regardless of the defense, the prosecution still had to prove 7 counts of Murder in the First Degree beyond a reasonable doubt.
The defense of Insanity requires expert medical testimony that concludes with a medical opinion that the defendant was either substantially unable to appreciate the criminality or wrongfulness of their conduct, or, they were substantially unable to conform their conduct to the requirements of the law. The prosecution is given the opportunity to rebut the defense with testimony from their own medical experts.
The defense in this case differed dramatically from most because McDermott testified in an effort to convince the jurors of his insanity.