Today’s episode launches a new chapter in our podcast series. For the foreseeable future, the focus will be on the investigation and prosecution of homicide cases. Listen as we walk you through a series of cases, taking you from the arrival at a crime scene, through the trial preparation and prosecution of the case.
Bill, and our guests, are practitioners with decades of experience and most often first-hand knowledge of the cases they will discuss. They will define the investigative and legal process as well as the rational reasoning that goes into their decision-making. They will also explain how and why legal precedents and evidentiary rulings guide and control the flow of the cases from the very beginning.
Our first guest is James (Jimmy) Connolly, a retired Major from the Massachusetts State Police, and the current Director of Public Safety at a large university in downtown Boston. During his diverse and lengthy career Jimmy spent more than 20 years as an investigator, supervisor of cases and unit commander in the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office in Cambridge, MA. Upon promotion to the rank of Major he was assigned as the Director of the State Crime Laboratory. Jimmy’s experience and assignments allow him to talk about case development from a few different perspectives.